Wednesday, August 23, 2017

French Nursery Rhymes with Les Petits Loups

Are you ready to start singing with la Souris Verte and Promenons-nous dans les bois ?

Les Petits Loups  is a term of endearment in French when speaking about children. It  means literally little wolf. That’s the name of our French Nursery Rhymes sessions on Friday mornings at the lovely Deen City Farm, 39 Windsor Avenue London , SW19 2RR from 10:35 to 11:15am.

The sessions focus on immersing the children in French for 45 minutes in a fun and stimulating learning environment whilst simultaneously enabling parents or carers to learn along them French nursery rhymes and basic vocabulary.


The classes are interactive using puppets, rattles, books and many other props to engage children in repeating the actions in order to reinforce the key words.

Give your child the best possible start in life

by exposing them to a second language

as early as possible

and reap the cognitive rewards.


Here is a link to a video giving a fascinating insight into language development in babies.

The linguistic genius of babies by Patricia Kuhl



Enjoy our big new year discount by registering for 10 sessions ! It will cost you only £60 for 10 sessions, (which means only £6 per session). See Dates below.

Drop-in price: £9 per session.

Extra £2 per Siblings

Please drop us a line to register and confirm your place!



May 17- July 17

1.Fri 05.05.17 10:30am       2.Fri 12.05.17 10:30am

3.Fri 19.05.17 10:30am       4.Fri 26.05.17 10:30am

5.Fri 09.06.17 10:30am       6.Fri 16.06.17 10:30am

7.Fri 23.06.17 10:30am       8.Fri 30.06.17 10:30am

9.Fri 07.07.17 10:30am      10.Fri 14.07.17 10:30am

Half Term No session on Friday 2nd June 2017



Best time to learn another language? Between 0 and 4 year-old!


Contact Corinne on 07956 53 34 68 or email


French and Italian courses for preschoolers

A language activity programme for mums and toddlers packed with a variety  of topics including songs, game, crafts, imaginary play and storytelling. The environment is a safe and a fun place for children and adults alike to play and learn.


Mamma e bambino – learning Italian together!

Teacher: Giovanna, our fantastic nursery teacher, story teller and entertainer, loved by both children and parents.  Giovanna is also a writer and an illustrator of children’ story books.
Giovanna runs successful art workshops for children and adults and she is currently busy running a London Mums Club in Putney.
With Giovanna children will develop their creative and imaginative skills,  as well as their emotional and social skills in a safe and stimulating educational environment while mums will take the opportunity to socialize and learn Italian at the same time.
If you like to find out more, contact us via email