Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What level shall I register for?

Our courses

Our courses consist of 20 hours of general French, Italian, Spanish or German (on request) at different levels and are intended for everyone who has a general interest in learning a language or simply wish to improve their level.

Each class consists of 120 minutes and are held in the morning at Merton Park and in the evening at William Morris Meeting rooms in Wimbledon.

How do I know my level?

Mosaic Languages courses are divided into three general levels:

  • BEGINNER: – No knowledge necessary
  • INTERMEDIATE: – Completed Beginners course or ‘rusty’ GCSE standard.
  • ADVANCED: – Able to use complex language in a variety of situations and/ or fairly fluent in spoken and written language – approximately ‘A’ level standard or above.

Please see the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages by clicking here

The online assessment tests have been devised by the University of Oxford and are currently used by its Language Centre.

French Placement Test here

Italian Placement Test here

Spanish Placement Test here

If in doubt about your level, Contact us for support.