Italian Singer at the London Jazz Festival

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Paolo Conte

Paolo Conte

Royal Albert Hall Tuesday 16 November 2010, 7:30pm

Paolo Conte is an Italian singer, pianist, composer , poet, painter, famous for his

grainy voice. His songs are influenced by  jazz music, South American atmospheres

and French-language singers .

Paolo Conte started his musical career touring with bands. He eventually started to

write his own songs and started a solo career in 1974. Some of his hits were used in

films, like Come di in Mickey Blue Eyes , Via con Me in French Kiss.

Paolo Conte (1974),Paolo Conte (1975),Un gelato al limon (1979),

Paris milonga (1981),Appunti di viaggio (1982), Paolo Conte (1984),

Concerti (1985, live), Come Di (1986),

Aguaplano (1987), Collezione (1988), Paolo Conte Live (1988, live),

Parole d’amore scritte a macchina (1990),

Wanda, stai seria con la faccia ma però (1992, compilation), ‘900 (1992),

Tournée (1993 live), Una faccia in prestito (1995),

The best of Paolo Conte (1996, compilation), Tournée 2 (1998 live),

Razmataz (2000), Reveries (2003, compilation), Elegia (2004),

Paolo Conte Live Arena di Verona (2005, live), Wonderful (2006, compilation),

Psiche (2008), Nelson (2010)

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